156_prez_rez_roomPrezRez has three floors of residence rooms

  • the 3rd floor is for women
  • the 4th floor is for men
  • the 2nd floor is reserved for students of The Presbyterian College

IMG_8021The rooms are all singles. As of Fall 2022 there will be one private bathroom on each floor. There is also a shared bathroom on each floor with multiple showers and sinks etc… The College is presently at the beginning of a facilities renewal program that includes the renovation of 2-3 residence rooms each year.

There are also three apartments – 1 or 2 bedrooms. Contact about availability and for details on monthly rental for apartments.

IMG_8012Basic furniture (bed, mattress, desk, chair, cupboards) is provided, although students may wish to provide their own small fridge. Cooking equipment of any kind is not permitted within the residence rooms, but a full kitchen facility is available in PrezRez – find more details under the “Kitchen” tab above.

For more information, please click below to submit an online form. You will be contacted by our residence manager to arrange a visit to PrezRez and discuss the terms of our leases. 

IMG_6150We look forward to hearing from you!