Rental Details

PrezRez provides rooms for the 8 months of the academic year (September through April), although it is sometimes possible to rent a room for only one term (September to December or January to April). Room prices are as follows:

2023-2024 Costs Per Room

Full Academic Year (8 months) $745/month
Short Term (Fewer than 8 months) $795/month
1-2 Bedroom Apartments (unavailable presently)  $1,200 or 1,550$/month

Payments – Payments can be made by Interac, e-transfer, or by credit card. Please note that for any/each payment made using a credit card there will be an additional 1.95% service fee charged. 

Washrooms Facilities – There are shared washrooms on the third (women’s) and fourth (men’s) floors. As of Summer 2022, a new private bathroom has been added on the third and forth floor.

Kitchen Facilities
A communal kitchen is available on the lower level of PrezRez. It’s a comfortable and fully-equipped space for all your meal preparation needs.

Restaurant/Cafeteria – There is a restaurant/cafeteria on site that provides meals at a reasonable cost to residents. For more information, visit their website, here.

WiFi service is included with room rentals, and there is also a Library on-site within The Presbyterian College building. 

Laundry facilities, with coin-operated washers and dryers are available in the PrezRez building.

In addition, the courtyard of the college provides a place of calm and quiet in this busy corner of the city.

Students living within the residence are required to sign a formal lease for their rental of a room and a community code of conduct that invites respect for the facilities and one another within PrezRez.


If you wish to rent a room within PrezRez, or would like more information,  you may email our residence manager at Or click the link below to submit an online form. You will be contacted by our residence manager to arrange a visit to PrezRez or discuss the terms of our leases. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Dean of Residence lives within the residence and provides supervision and support within the PrezRez community. The Dean is an employe of The Presbyterian College and a member of the wider Presbyterian College community.