COVID-19 and PrezRez


Is the residence of The Presbyterian College (Prez-Rez) accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Academic Year?

Yes, we are accepting applications for the upcoming academic year. The residence follows all Public Health guidelines as these are adapted from time to time. With the addition of a private bathroom on the 3rd and 4th floors, we are better able to manage distancing, and expect to be at full capacity for the coming year.

Is vaccination required to live in the residence?

Yes, vaccination is required. Students must be fully vaccinated and with Health Canada approved vaccines.

What health and safety measures are being put in place in relation to COVID-10?

The College is following directives of Public Health in Quebec and has implemented the following as necessary or required: daily sanitization, social distancing, masking, and limits on numbers in the communal kitchen.

Can international students stay in the residence of The Presbyterian College in the Fall 2022?

Yes, we are accepting applications for international students. At present there are no quarantine requirements for students arriving in Canada. In the event that quarantine requirements re-implemented, international students may not quarantine in the residence.

What happens if I must self-isolate during the academic year, due to COVID-19 exposure or sickness?

The Presbyterian College has some capacity for self-isolation within the building, and will have this available in the Fall term. There will be additional costs to students for the provision of meals during such isolation, since any such quarantine will mean a student cannot use the communal kitchen. Details will be available on the “additional terms” document signed with each lease.

How will the communal kitchen function during the next academic year?

Masking is presently required in the kitchen at all times, and students eat meals in their rooms. There are also instructions posted for health/hygiene and all students will be required to follow these, including for the washing of hands and dishes.

If I request or need to leave the residence and return home due to COVID-19, will I receive a refund.

The lease you will enter into with The Presbyterian College is a legally binding lease. In most cases the lease cannot be broken, and all payments are required. However, in the event of significant changes in the local or global context with respect to COVID-19, the College will consider whether leases may be broken or rent relief provided. This is at the discretion of the college.